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A: Ask a friend (we're totally homies, but ask someone IRL first). Please and thank you. 

Q: Question Quality-Please be specific and send only relevant questions. 


OK, the real deal:
  • ZDoggMD is NOT responsible for this site, please do not contact him or his colleagues with questions.
  • If you want loose women's cut shirt, order at least 1 size up.
  • If you're looking for a women's size 4-6X, please order a men's size 4X.
  • The size measurements are figured with the shirt laying flat. 
  • Most youth style designs are unavailable in larger sizes than listed, due to the design.
  • The colors available are the colors we have for each cut of shirt. 
  • All shirts have a ZDoggMD logo on the sleeve, or on the back.
  • We do ship outside of the U.S.A.; your order will take a few extra days to arrive.
  • If you live outside of the U.S.A., please fill out the order form and we'll work to find the least expensive shipping cost we can find.
  • If your order is returned to sender due to address order enter error, orderer is responsible for additional shipping charges. 
  • We will be pre-ordering and submitting to the printer vendor to fulfill. Please hold tight while we complete the process. You should receive your product(s) about 3 weeks after pre-order purchasing closes.
  • Gift cards can ONLY be used for purchases at supportertribe4lyfe.com.
  • No cash-out returns from gift cards.