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Great Pen

My Dad loves the heck out of them. I've had one on my desk for the past week and no one has taken it.

ZDoggMD • ladies Eddie Bauer fleece zip jacket
Nice and Warm

Great for the early morning when it's just a bit chilly. Pockets for my keys and ID while I take a walk before work. Love this jacket, will have to see how it does in the winter.

Pretty good!

Pen writes nicely, very fine point. Not as fond of the slick surface of the pen. Would prefer a rubberized section ot anything not quite as slippery. Love the sentiment!

Great pens

Great pens. Great quality. Really satisfied with quality, price and quick delivery. Will buy more.

If you must steal these pens, a few days in jail shouldn’t kill you

To paraphrase The Waterboy, these pens are "high quality." They look and feel great, and they are just the right weight and balance. Best of all, they write soooo smoothly! I'll be ordering more to keep AND gift to my friends who love to "science the crap out of things" as much as I do.

The Big Z • mens crew tee
Anders D.
Great t-shirts

Very nice, smooth and perfect fit.
Only downside is a bit too much polyester. Could limit to 20% or so.

No one can steal my pens

Love the way the pens write and no one will be able to steal them!!!


Great pens. Great quality. Really satisfied with quality, price and quick delivery!

Love my pens!

The “science the crap out of it” pens are great, they write so smoothly, and they are “clicky”!
I ordered 2 sets so have 4 colors. No one else in the lab has these so I’ll always know they are MINE! And I love My sticker!!

I will guard these pens with my life

I hate spending money on pens, preferring to swipe them from exhibit halls at conferences, but these are worth every penny. Good weight, writes like a dream, and has an awesome message. These pens deliver!

Soooo pilferable.

The colors I received were a sleek and sophisticated black pen and an especially extra gold pen. They both write like buttah. So far I have only dared bring one of them to work with me (the gold one) and after one shift of using it, I still have it!! Granted, I work nights, so there's a limited number of suspects should it go missing, but the nice thing about having low expectations is how gratifying it is when they are met.
Now if you could make me a four-color pen that doesn't recalcitrantly leak all over everything, my work life would be complete!

Awesome pens!!

I am thrilled with my new ZDogg pens!! They are even more beautiful in person and are a daily reminder of why it’s so great to be a part of the Zpac🥰

Pens worth hiding from co workers!

Love the pens! nice weight / feel, works smoothly. nice looking too!

Alt-Middle • ladies tank
Karen R.
Awesome Tank Top

I love this tank top. It fits perfectly (true to size) and the cut is perfect. It doesn't cling to one's mid section like some tank tops do. The cotton is also super soft!

Sleek, eye catching pens

The pens are well constructed, write very nicely , look great , and cause conversations yo begin , I love these pens!

Alt-Middle • ladies v-neck tee
Linda B.

Runs small .. size up.

Am I Cancelled Yet? • ladies tank
Angela G.
New favorite tank

Fits great, washed well and people love it!

Loved it. Writes well. Comfortable in my hand.

Alt-Middle • ladies v-neck tee
Linda A.
The Best

Message hits the spot and the comfort is great! Soft, silky smooth and Not sweaty. The picture is worth a thousand words and we must vaccinate. Of topic but very hot button

Love it

Great sticker. Put it on my laptop to remember to always consider the evidence when learning something!

Alt-Middle • mens crew tee
Krista W.
Great shirt

Great shirt, not too thick and not too thin. True to size and very comfortable. I'm proud to wear this and support moderation and scientific reasoning!

SCIENCE! • mens crew tee
Pam S.

Great tee…fits well…feels good! Love it!

He blinded me with science!

I love the message and the pens! It's these or my Sharpie2 gels...but with these I know if you are "borrowing" them!

Believe the science!

I purchased science the crap out of it pens for my daughter. She is a 7th grade science teacher. She loved them! She is a firm believer in teaching her students to ask questions, do the experiments and make an informed decision.