Science The Crap Out Of It pen • 2-pk

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Science The Crap Out Of It pen • 2-pk

Stealing this pen is punishable by law*

  • wording: ZDoggMD logo |  Science The Crap Out Of It
  • body: lightweight metal barrel with engraved artwork
  • colors: you get what you get, and don't throw a fit. 
  • Writes soooooo smooth.
  • Definitely theft-worthy
  • clicky
  • black ink, medium point
  • A pack has 2 colors

*void where prohibited, which is everywhere

based off the true story seen in: Jessie's Pen


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Great Pen

My Dad loves the heck out of them. I've had one on my desk for the past week and no one has taken it.

Dawn H.
Pretty good!

Pen writes nicely, very fine point. Not as fond of the slick surface of the pen. Would prefer a rubberized section ot anything not quite as slippery. Love the sentiment!

Jen F.
Great pens

Great pens. Great quality. Really satisfied with quality, price and quick delivery. Will buy more.

Jeff W.
If you must steal these pens, a few days in jail shouldn’t kill you

To paraphrase The Waterboy, these pens are "high quality." They look and feel great, and they are just the right weight and balance. Best of all, they write soooo smoothly! I'll be ordering more to keep AND gift to my friends who love to "science the crap out of things" as much as I do.

Pamela M.R.
No one can steal my pens

Love the way the pens write and no one will be able to steal them!!!

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