Alt-Middle (the remix)

Alt-Middle (the Remix) • mens crew tee

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Alt-Middle (the Remix) • mens crew tee
Alt-Middle (the Remix) • mens crew tee
Alt-Middle (the Remix) • mens crew tee

For all you radical centrists...

  • front: proudly alt-middle: think for yourself graphic
  • back: ZDoggMD logo 
  • soft tri-blend fabric

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Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I bought this for Christmas as a gift from my kids to their dad (yeah, they love ZDogg too ;) ) . He loved the term "Alt-middle" when he heard it on the show. The blue is a great color and it seems like a quality t-shirt. I'm sure he will love it!

Super tee shirt.

These shirts are well made, very soft and have superb fit. LOVE them!

Great shirt! Keeps 'em guessing!

If enough people start wearing these shirts, "alt-middle" will be attacked by the cancel culture FROM BOTH SIDES! I love it!

Love them!

I purchased a few (different colors) and once they became available I received them super fast, just like other items I have purchased from here in the past. They were good quality and the design/messaging is great. My wife asked me why I purchased “political T-Shirts” to which I replied “that’s just it, they are the antithesis of being political”, finally a “side” I can fully support, the Alt-Middle. Crazy concept, those that formulate their own thoughts, based on their own unique experiences and perspectives, and doing their own research to gather reliable information, as opposed to regurgitating what they hear or what their friends tell them, following blindly like sheep to slaughter, are classified as alternative. I truly hope one day this will be the mainstream and not the Alt-Middle.

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